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Welcome to Win Texas Holdem! This site is your guide and resource to playing and winning the game of win Texas Holdem poker game online! We play win Texas Holdem ourselves and take great pride in offering everything you need to know about the game from rules and tips to advanced strategies and game play scenarios. We, at Win Texas Holdem also offer in depth reviews and outstanding bonuses at the worlds best online poker sites, simply click the links available and you can be playing within minutes!

The intergalactic fame Texas hold ‘em has enjoyed for years makes attracting new players an easy task. Contrary to popular belief, however, winning the game may prove a hard nut to crack, especially for those lacking patience. Given that Texas hold ‘em is a variant of poker, players need a good strategy to begin with.

Texas hold ‘em Rules – in Brief

At the beginning of the game, each player gets two so-called “hole cards”, dealt facedown, followed by five additional “community cards”, dealt face-up. The goal is to obtain the pot (awarded to the best player of each hand), but winning Texas hold ‘em doesn’t call for a player to be awarded the pot for each and every hand. Rather, it is a result of a series of strategic decisions, the basic postulate of which is clever betting, folding, and raising.

Texas hold ‘em Variants

1. No-Limit Texas Hold’em
Betting is possible throughout the hand, with three solutions available: check/call, bet/raise, and fold. Blind size determines the game size.
2. Fixed-Limit Texas Hold’em
As its name suggests, this variant has fixed limits for betting.  Bet size determines the game size.
3. Pot-Limit Texas Hold’em
The variant somewhere in between No-Limit and Fixed-Limit Texas Hold’em. Betting is possible whenever, but the amount cannot exceed the pot value when placing bet.

The maximum bet equals the total pot money, all the bets on the table, and the call made before raising.
4. Mixed Texas Hold’em
A mixture of Limit Texas Hold’em and No Limit Texas Hold’em.

The Winning Texas Hold’em Skills

Regardless of the variant, certain rules are best respected in view of winning Texas Hold’em. The essential skills for pros-to-be include:
1. Patience: be selective and avoid playing bad hands. Take care not to get discouraged early on. Becoming patient does take time, and calls for self-control.
2. Monitoring other players: studying your opponents’ playing styles will increase your odds. Although no rules are set in stone, loose players are usually more likely to bluff.
3. Bluffing: since everyone bluffs, give your best to hone your skills, too. Establishing a well-balanced mixture of acting and being yourself  is the key to not be easily read by the opponent.
4. Switching to the aggressive-playing-mode: if you always keep in mind rule number one, once you get a solid hand, it would be wise to start playing more aggressively. The reason is twofold: firstly, this will force your opponents to play defensively; secondly, many opponents will be forced out – as their chances of having a better hand than yours will be low.
5. The golden rule: don’t overdo it! Always choose taking small pots over losing big ones.
Many legends have been spun about winning Texas hold ‘em. Tempting as they may be, no universal formula will get you closer to winning – unless you exert discipline to become patient and learn to observe others. If you think you’re ready for that, by all means read on!